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Brink - Balancing Refunds in Olo with Brink POS


Technical Teams, Account Managers, and Client's POS programmer  


There will be times when an order has been successfully committed to Brink from Olo and the store needs to refund the order for a guest. This can be for a various reasons, i.e., food quality, order was submitted and they meant to cancel, etc. 


An order that is scheduled in Olo, and has been paid, but is still waiting to be released to Brink at a scheduled time, can be cancelled in Olo and the customer's card will automatically be refunded. No action is required in Brink, since the order was never placed. But, if an order committed to Brink needs to be refunded in Olo to reverse the transaction, it must then be voided or refunded in Brink for reporting parity. If the store is just going to refund in Brink and give cash to the guest, no refund is needed in Olo. 


  1. A high level explanation of refunding in Olo is as follows. The person, store manager or corporate employee, must have the necessary access level to initiate a refund.

    a. In the Olo Dashboard, click Orders, choose the  time frame (usually Today) and locate the order.       Click the Order ID to open a full view of the order. Click Refund Order in the upper right.


    b. Follow the steps to add reasons for the void, then click Review Refund Order request.

    c. If everything is correct, click Process Refund Request. The order will now be labeled in Olo as           refunded.


    A detailed discussion of Olo refunds can be found here.

  2. The order may be from today or a previous day. These require different methods to balance the sales in Brink with the, now reduced, Online Order sales.

    a. For an Olo order refunded on the current business day, open the order's check in Brink. Go to           Manager Functions, highlight the items on the check, and click the Delete All function. There may     also be a Delete button below the check on screen which can also be used. Once the items are         deleted, touch the payment to highlight it and then Delete. There will now be a zeroed out check     to close.


    The Brink screens are customizable for every Brand. Please refer to your Brink support for additional information on deleting items and payments.

  3. If the order is on a previous day, you will not be able to recall it on the Brink ordering screen. In this case you will need to issue a refund in Brink to balance the Sales.

    Since the refund will be on a day after the actual sale was made, you will need to discuss with your accounting team how you will balance sales across different days.

    There is another nuance to refunding these orders in Brink. Since the order was paid online and the check comes into Brink as a paid check, the Tender associated with it is a External tender type. It is coded in Brink, that this type of tender cannot be used on a POS terminal. So what other brands have done is to set up a new Tender with a descriptive name, say, Refund Olo. 

    You will need to consult with your Brink support to determine what type of tender can be configured and used for refunds in your particular configuration. 

    a. In Manager Functions, choose Refund. Then ring up all items to be refunded. They will ring up with negative prices.


    b. Then locate the Refund Olo Tender and finish closing out the check.

    c. Make the notes agreed upon within your Brand to explain the refund and the previous order to       which it is related.



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