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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a brief FAQ reference doc to help [Brand] stores troubleshoot issues they might encounter when enabling Olo for the first time, or over the course of regular business. 


Question 1: Why do I receive these “offline” emails? What does this mean? 

Email Subject: “Warning [Brand] [location name] is offline”

Solution 1: Escalation email offline email notification

When the POS loses connection to Olo or loses internet connectivity entirely, Olo sends out this email to the “escalation email” address(es) on file for that specific store. These emails only send after the store has been offline for X amount of time, set by corporate. In the case of [Brand], the emails send after a store has been offline for 60 minutes. 

More details about how Olo uses the escalation email address in this article in the Olo Help Center


Question 2: My store is about to open, what should I do to prepare for the technical setup

Solution 2: Please refer to the steps below as a general guideline

  1. Make sure all stores are online and connected in the Olo dashboard (this assumes that they were previously installed with the Olo services and Xpient was configured).
  2. Make sure there are NO mismatches (under the price updater by store in the dashboard)
    1. If mismatches, that means that things are active on the Olo store menu for this location that do not match what is in the store’s POS database.  You can remove these items from the store menu if they are not desired for this store, or you can make sure that they match the store’s object numbers for these items.
  3. Make sure you can basket test (right next to the price updater in dashboard under POS settings that is under Store Settings)
  4. Check the 86 report to see which items have been 86’ed due to invalid price records or mismatches
  5. Place at least 1 test order at each store to make sure that everything works.

Question 3: How do I refund an order?  How do I refund part of an order?

Solution 3: Full and partial refund instructions 

Issue a Full Refund 

Adjust a Sale Total 


Question 4: Why do I receive these “not able to transmit an order” emails?  What does this mean?

Solution 4: POS connection or credit card billing issues

This email will come to your “escalation email” address(es) to alert you to an order scheduled for today that could not transmit. 

If the email says “There was an issue communicating the order to the in-store system,” this means Olo got an error from the POS when attempting to send the order (or could not reach the POS).

If the email says “The credit card could not be successfully billed,” this means Olo got an error message or rejection from the payment processor for the card the customer provided. 

The customer will NOT be charged for this order. 

The customer may see a “pending” charge on his card in the amount of this order if Olo attempted to charge the card and then the order failed to transmit. The pending charge will go away as soon as the customer’s credit card company decides to release the funds, usually 2-3 days.


Question 5: I need to add or remove dashboard access for my network of stores 

Solution 5: Email Olo Help or Call Olo Phone Support for assistance

Olo Help Desk ( is available 7 days a week 9am-12am EST

Olo Phone Support (844-656-2414) is available Monday-Friday 9am-6pm EST


Question 6: The prices on my Olo menu are incorrect

Solution 6: Update the pricing in Xpient

All Olo pricing is controlled by Xpient.  There are specific menu items and condiments that were mapped for each item/condiment in your store menu. Once you have updated the prices in Xpient, please run the price updater from the Olo Dashboard under Settings-->Store Settings (select your store)-->POS settings-->Update Prices-->Update online prices from POS. The price updater runs automatically every day at 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM EST or 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM EDT.

Question 7: There are items or modifiers missing from my Olo menu when I look at the website

Solution 7: Check the Olo 86 Report

Under Settings-->Store Settings (select your store)-->POS settings-->Update Price.  This will show a list of any item/condiment that is on the Olo Store menu but not in the Xpient database.  The 86 report under Reports, Menu, 86 report.  This report will show all 86’ed items for this location.  


If the item/condiment is 86’ed due to a mismatch, please make sure that this item/condiment is active in your Xpient database.  Once you have resolved these issues, please run the price updater from the Olo Dashboard under Settings-->Store Settings (select your store)-->POS settings-->Update Prices-->Update online prices from POS. The price updater runs automatically every day at 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM EST or 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM EDT.

Question 8: How are tips from Olo handled in Xpient?

Solution 8: They are sent to Xpient as a Tip in the Payment Details section of the order.  

This is a brand configuration setting but can be overridden at a vendor level.  Xpient determines how the POS handles these tips.  The store needs to determine a process to payout these funds external to Olo.  


Question 9: Why is my order not showing in POS/Kitchen?

Solution 9: The Order may still be Open in POS

If an order is showing that it has successfully gone through to POS, but it is not showing as expected in KVS, or on the terminals, the order is likely still in an Open state due to an amount due. This issue usually occurs when there has been a price change between when an order was scheduled and when it has been fired to POS. If the price has increased, then there will be an amount due, since we likely charged the customer the original quoted price. 

Question 10: Why am I seeing itemchild mismatch errors?

Solution 10: Query the IRIS or xsPOSCFG.sqlite Database

Mismatches that involve “itemchild” or “nesteditemchild” mappings are usually due to either the item child pricing rules missing in the IRIS/xsPOSCFG.sqlite database, or one of the values that is mapped in Olo not lining up with what is being pulled from the database. Olo pulls these values from the tbl_ItemPricing_Child table from one of these databases (dependent on your brand’s setup), so any one value being off will cause a mismatch.


These items can still pass basket tests since Olo is only sending the item number, and not the full item child mapping.

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