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NCR Cloud - Aloha : ATO Setup for BSP Ordering


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Description of Issue:

It is necessary to configure Aloha Takeout to integrate with BSP. The configuration described in this document will evolve as requirements/configurations change within NCR's CFC; NCR is a better final authority on configuration. However, this article should assist in the configuration process. 

There is an assumption that these prerequisites are already completed as well as the following: 

  • Brand has completed the data release form and sent to NCR rep.
  • NCR has Created the Production Org for the brand.
  • The production store has been imported into the brand's Org.
  • EUIDs have been generated for production.
  • Permissions have been granted on the NCR side for Olo to access the brand's Org. 
  • BSP Ordering technically requires ATO v17.1+, but NCR is recommending 19.1+ as a best practice.
Configure ATO to Integrate with BSP.


  1. Obtain the following information from NCR:
    • Shared Key (typically the same at all stores for your brand)
    • Secret Key (typically the same at all stores for your brand)
    • Organization Name (the same for all stores for your brand)
    • Enterprise Unit ID list for your brand (unique per store for your brand)
    • Configure Aloha Takeout in either AlohaToGo.xml or as a custom setting in CFC.





  • Navigate to Maintenance > Takeout Configuration > Takeout Settings > Custom Settings tab
  • Click Add and type the ‘XPath,’ Element name’ and ‘Element value,’ for each line,
    • Use the values described in the section for AlohaToGo.xml.
    • Leave ‘Attribute’ cleared for each line.
  • Click Save and exit the Takeout Settings function.
  • Refresh all POS Data



  • If adding records for BSP at corporate level to version, the Enterprise Unit ID should be left blank. In this case, also set both EnableExternalCommunications and EnableOmniChannelCommunications to False.
  • The OCPApplicationKey is always the same for ATO as identified above.
  • After you perform all afore-mentioned procedures in this document, you need to version the Take out Settings record to support additional sites for BSP ordering. Doing so will allow you to copy the configuration to other sites without having to repeat the configuration manually. The reason to version is because the ‘EnterpriseUnit’ used in the provisioning process is unique to the site/location. 

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