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Rails Reconciliation Overview

This article seeks to provide clarity on how Olo reporting can be used to reconcile Rails orders from third-party marketplaces


Marketplaces are the source of truth for financial reporting on orders originating from their platform. Olo strives to provide the most accurate information to help our customers reconcile their orders, and below we will describe how Olo reporting can be leveraged to reconcile these orders.

Product Pricing

The product pricing reported in Olo reflects the pricing currently available in the Olo Rails menu, including any markups. It does not necessarily reflect the pricing in the store point-of-sale (POS) or what the marketplace charged.

For example, a burger may be listed for $10 on your Olo white-label site but carry a 20% markup for a particular marketplace, making the item $12 on your Rails menu. If the POS lists the item at the original price ($10) and the marketplace has a stale price on file ($11).

Olo would report that product price as $12 based on the current base price plus applicable markups ($10 + 20% markup).



For stores with a supported POS integration, the subtotal reported in Olo reflects the subtotal provided by the store POS during order validation. 

For stores on Expo standalone, SSOS, email, or fax, the subtotal reflects the sum of the product prices.

The subtotal does not necessarily reflect what was charged by the marketplace, and there may be a discrepancy between what Olo reports and what the marketplace charged for a few reasons: 

  1. First, the marketplace pricing may not match the POS price record or the current Olo menu pricing. 
  2. Second, the POS may be applying automated discount logic
    1. For example, it may recognize that a certain combination of products was ordered, triggering a combo discount (e.g., one dollar off when a customer orders a burger, fries, and drink). 
  3. Third, the order may have been adjusted or refunded after it was submitted to Olo. Any adjustments made after the order is submitted to Olo will not be reflected in Olo reporting.



For stores with a POS integration, the tax amount reported in Olo reflects the tax amount provided by the store POS during order validation. 

For stores on Expo standalone, SSOS, email, or fax, the tax amount reflects the store-level tax rate Olo has on file.

The tax amount does not necessarily reflect what was charged by the marketplace. Marketplaces each have their own tools for calculating taxes. The amount calculated by marketplaces may vary from the amount reported by Olo for a number of reasons, including nuances between the applicable tax rate based on the deliver-to vs deliver-from address and item-level tax variability.


Data Not Supported at This Time

Olo does not currently receive and/or report the following data related to reconciliation:

  • Promotions and discounts
    • For example, say your brand is running a buy-one-get-one-free promotion on burgers. The marketplace submits an order containing two burgers. Olo reporting will reflect two burgers both listed at full price.
  • Refunds or adjustments
    • For example, if an order is partially refunded by the marketplace after it was submitted because the driver forgot to deliver a drink, reducing the subtotal by $2. That adjustment would not be reflected in Olo.
  • Cancelations
    • If the order is canceled and therefore fully refunded, this would not be reflected in Olo.
  • Tips
    • Neither tips for drivers or in-store staff are reported.
  • Delivery Fees

  • Surcharges
    • For example, some marketplaces add line items to reflect additional costs incurred from local ordinances.
  • Other miscellaneous fees

Reconciliation Reports

Olo provides a number of reports that can be used to reconcile orders. The recommended reports for reconciliation are listed here. You may also utilize other reports, including:

  • Other sales & orders reports
  • Order-level views within the Dashboard
  • Custom reporting provided by your Rails Manager or Customer Success Manager
  • Olo’s Order Export

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