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Aloha POS : Dispatch Service Provider Order Mode


Technical Teams, Customer Success, Delivery Managers



Dispatch Orders can be committed to POS using a specific Order Mode for a DSP. This allows the brand to leverage Order Modes to control associated POS functions and use associated reporting granularity.



Step 1: Determine which Order Mode in POS is appropriate for DSP designation.

  • If it does not exist, create it using your default Olo Order Mode that is already in use in Aloha as a template.
  • Modify as required by your brand for ops and BI reasons.

Step 2: Submit the form to specify which Order Modes you want configured in Olo.

Step 3: Olo will configure this for you on our side and will promote to all stores.

  • Do not be alarmed. The value will only be used in stores that have Dispatch enabled and that DSP active.
  • Please allow up to 3 business days for completion.

Step 4: Test in your lab

  • NOTE: The validation step will use your AlohaOrderMode_Dispatch value. This will change once the order is finally committed to POS. It will change to the provider that is selected to deliver the order. 
  • NOTE: There is risk, low risk, that the DSP will change in a live store after the order has been committed to POS. Since the order has been committed to POS, Olo cannot modify that. Please develop your brand's best practices for handling this nuance should it occur.

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