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Focus POS: FAQs


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This article is iterative and lists the most common FAQs we get from brands that are using Olo with integration to Focus POS.


  1. Does Olo or Focus determine tax?
    • Focus is the final authority on charging tax thru a function called "tax validation." The tax that shows in Olo during the process of building a basket is called an "estimation" that is set in the Olo Dashboard’s Store Settings. Once moving on to checkout, Focus responds with the correct tax according to the rules in Focus.
    • Focus assigns tax rates based on the POS Order Type configuration we send down.
      • Please send all changes to this value to for all POS variable values.
  2. Where does pricing in Olo come from?
    • If the automatic updater is on, Olo pulls prices from the POS that are initially shown to the guest while building their basket.
    • If for some reason, the price reflected while building the basket is not the desired price, POS will send the correct price back to the guest on checkout like the tax validation mentioned in Question #1.
  3. What do I need to configure in Focus to support discounts from Olo?
    • Olo supports the use of variable priced items.  They are to be mapped in Olo using:
      • Discount Menu ID
      • These are used for either $ off Discounts in Olo or % off Discounts in Olo (where Olo calculates the percentage and then sends that value down to POS to the open dollar comp).
  4. How do I control printing in Focus POS?
    • All print routing rules in Focus are followed by the Item routing rules, just as they would for orders rung in through the POS. This applies to both kitchen chit printing, KDS screens, and guest check printing. If an item is not printing where desired, item routing in Focus is likely the root cause.
  5. What does Connected mean in the Olo dashboard for Focus?
    • We do look at the Orders/Responses XML directories. If they are present, the location is determined to be online.
    • Focus does not provide any status of orders, and if they got sent to the location (aside from the order confirmation). If an order fails, it is assumed that the order did not make it into the POS.
  6. Can credit cards be separated into individual payment options?
    • No.
  7. Where will I see tips from guests on my checks once they are in Focus POS?
    • Non-Dispatch/Rails orders
      • Tips that are meant for in-store employees will show as gratuity/tips on the check.
    • Dispatch/Rails orders
      • Dispatch tips will be sent as a variable priced item.
      • Rails orders will not show tips, as they are not provided by the Marketplace to Olo.
  8. When I refund an order in Olo, will Focus POS be updated automatically to reflect that refund?
    • No. All cards are processed above store and no updates are made to the order once it is fired to Focus.
      • Option 1 (2 steps):
        • Refund in Olo which communicates directly with the processor, but not POS.
        • Refund in POS and close the refund check to a generic Olo tender (only purpose is reporting parity and is restricted to same day refunds to accomplish that)
      • Option 2 (1 step):
        • Refund in POS and give cash back to the customer. In this case, no need to process in Olo as that would credit back the customer's credit card. This will not assure reporting parity.
  9. Can I accept payment in-store with Olo or do all orders have to be pre-paid?
    • Yes, you can accept unpaid orders that will be paid in-store.
      • Comment section will include verbiage for non-payment.
  10. Does Olo support Focus combos?
    • No.
  11. Why are items not showing in the Menu Viewer in Menu Admin?
    • If an item has been saved and is still not showing in Menu Viewer after a Price Update has been run, verify that the location has updated their Online Menu in Focus, and run the Price Update again.
    • If an item has been saved and published and is still not showing in the Menu Viewer, verify that the Price Update has completed. The Price Update may be delayed between 8:30AM-9:30AM and 3:30PM-4:30PM EST due to the platform-wide Price Update that is run for all brands.

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