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Switchboard: Creating a Quote

If the caller wants to review their order before submitting it and save their basket in progress, you can send them a quote via email. The quote will include the selected store for the order, basket contents, special instructions, tip amount, and the order total.


How to send a Quote

1. Once the basket has been built and you've progressed to the Order Summary Page, click Send Quote to open the Send Quote Modal 




2. Select if the quote should be sent to the caller's listed email address and/or if it should be sent to additional email address(s).




3. If the caller wants, you can add a tip to the quote before you send it. You can either select a pre-defined %, or, enter a custom amount in the Tip field. 


NOTE: Once a tip amount is entered, the tip will be saved to the caller's basket. If you wish to remove the tip, set "Include tip in quote" to 'No'. You will be given an opportunity to add/remove the tip on the Payments page as well. 



4. Once the recipients and tip amount have been set, click Send to send the quote out.



How to retrieve a Quote

Once the caller reviews their quote, they can call back to complete their order. Follow these instructions to retrieve the quote and complete the order.

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