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Xpient/IRIS POS: Rails Tax Facilitator Support


Menu Administrators, POS Specialists, Technical Teams


This article is meant to provide details and a resolution to triggering a tax rate in Xpient/IRIS POS that aligns with the Marketplace that an order is originating.


IRIS has the ability to set up an item that would trigger a tax rate based on Tax Rules. First, ensure that the desired tax rate is added in the "Tax Editor". Create a new menu item. For example, item 15721 called "DD NT" and is built in the IRIS Item Master with $0 pricing, and categorized according to the brand's needs. 

After the item is created, go to the "Tax Rules Editor", and create a new Tax Rule like the example below:


The Tax Rule does not need to follow any specific naming convention and can be named to the brand's needs.

Edit the new tax rule, set the rules like the example below, but set the Tax to the Tax rate according to the marketplace's requirements. For example, 15721 for DoorDash and "No Tax" would be set to the 0% Tax Rate. 


Once the new items are set up, reach out to either your Rails specialists, or with the locations that need to be updated with what values. 

Example: Location 1234 needs the DoorDash Marketplace Tax Facilitator PLU set to 15721.

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