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How to view Sales Metrics Reports per viewport on Serve

Before our responsive Serve platform, the Sales Metrics Report could be used to compare sales between each Desktop Web and Mobile Web URL, where there were separate line items for each.

Now that we've migrated to our Serve responsive platform for web, customers are now placing both Web and Mobile web orders through Serve under one URL. But there is a way to view the data based on viewport!

Starting in Olo Dashboard, you can navigate to the Sales Metrics Report under the "Brand Settings" tab.

In order to use the Sales Metrics Report to view data based on whether a customer placed an order on Desktop viewport, Tablet viewport or Mobile Web viewport, make sure that Serve is the only platform selected.



When the above is set, then the graph will report on sales depending on which viewport the order was placed.





At this point, we will expect any data funneling through Web/Legacy Web platform to report as $0. 

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