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Aloha POS: Common troubleshooting when upgrading POS to Aloha 15.1


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Description of Issue: 

Some clients have experienced issues when upgrading to Aloha 15.1. These are the most common symptoms/scenarios and the steps to resolve them. While we update our articles frequently, it cannot be assumed that these steps/scenarios are exhaustive nor will they solve every situation that may be encountered.


  1. Requirement to prevent failure to pull modifier pricing:
    1. Create a Support Request to request Olo update POS Configuration for “UseModExtTable” to “true”. (Aloha v15.1 has expanded modifiers and created a new MODEXT table/dbf. This setting will read from the new dbf.)
  2. Steps to resolve potential issues with getting the interface server to start.  
    1. Verify Aloha POS Access Level Configuration for the Olo Employee in CFC is correct to address errors.
      1. Enable “Assign Promo”
      2. Enable “Delete Promo”
      3. Enable “Assign Comp”
      4. Enable “Delete Comp”
      5. Enable “Void Items”
    1. Manually Register Iber using RAL on 15.1
    2. Register Iber(qs)ps.dll with this command line: %windir%\system32\Regsvr32.exe %IBERDIR%\bin\IberPS.DLL /s


Please follow up with your reseller or NCR if you have any concerns about performing any of these steps or if you need additional support.


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