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Switchboard: Order Throttling

How does Order Throttling work with Switchboard?

By default, Switchboard follows the order throttling rules configured for the selected store. However, brands can opt to override order throttling in Switchboard if they don't want call-in and in-store orders to be subjected to wait times. 


How do I enable Order Throttling Override on Switchboard?

Switchboard users with the CallCenter Manager or Brand Manager permissions can enable order throttling override by adjusting the Switchboard orders subject to store order throttling setting. Instructions how to adjust this setting can be found here


Do Switchboard orders count towards time slots?

Yes, Switchboard orders count towards time slots. If override order throttling is enabled, placed Switchboard orders will still count towards the selected time slot. 


Am I able to view store capacity from Switchboard before submitting an order?

Yes. When selecting a store to order from, users can see time slot capacity for a given store when scheduling an order. 


Olo color-codes time slots to provide a visual aid to the Switchboard agent to indicate store capacity. Please find the capacity matrix below:


Black: This time slot is not available because it's outside of the store's business hours


Green: The time slot is available and is not at capacity


Yellow: This time slot is available and is nearing capacity

NOTE: Only shown if Order Per Window throttling strategy is used

Red: This time slot is at capacity and is not available

NOTE: If a brand has enabled "Order Throttling Override" then Switchboard Agents can continue to place orders in time slots that are at capacity (Red).


Am I able to see how much capacity is left for a given time slot?

Yes. When a user hovers over a time slot, they can see the remaining capacity.



How will I know if Override Order Throttling is enabled?

If a brand is overriding order throttling, a message will be displayed to indicate the override has been enabled. 








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