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Google and Facebook SSO for Olo Front Ends


With Facebook and Google single sign-on (SSO) users can securely access applications using their credentials. Brands using Olo’s white-label front end can allow customers to use their Facebook or Google logins to create an account and order online. Follow the steps below to set this up and then reach contact your Customer Success Manager to get everything activated. 

This feature is also supported by our API so brands using custom front ends can leverage this as well. Additionally, if you use an Olo mobile app you will need to re-release it with Olo in order for these changes to take effect.

Note: If the guest login page is not hosted by Olo, reach out to your OAuth or loyalty provider about adding Facebook and Google SSO.

For 'Sign In with Apple' instructions, please refer to this article.


Configuration in Facebook

    1. Visit
    2. Choose an existing app or click My Apps > Create App 
    3. Click > Build Connected Experiences
    4. Type in the name of the brand (i.e. shake shack)
    5. Enter the contact email 
    6. Select Business Manager Account if desired
    7. Select Create App
    8. Prove you’re not a bot 
    9. Click Settings then Basic
    10. Add Privacy Policy and Terms of Service URLs
    11. Add URL’s (i.e. and
    12. Click Dashboard and scroll down to Add Products > Facebook Login > Setup > Settings
    13. Under section Client OAuth Settings
      1. Set Client OAuth Login to Yes and uncheck all others that can be.
      2. Under Valid OAuth redirect URIs add:
        1. https:// INSERT BRAND’S OLO DESKTOP URL
        2. https:// INSERT BRAND’s OLO MOBILE WEB URL
        4. https://[BRAND URL]/user/oauthcallback
        5. Click Save Changes at the bottom.
    14. Click App Review and make the application public
    15. Click Settings > Basic and grab the App ID and App Secret
    16. Provide Olo with both the App ID and App Secret 


Configuration in Google

    1. Visit
    2. Click Create Project and submit a descriptive Project Name
    3. From the Manage Resources Page or Notifications Drop Down select your new project
    4. From the Getting Started panel select Explore and Enable APIs
    5. From APIs and Services select Oauth Consent Screen
    6. Select External and click Create
    7. Enter in the app name, user support email, and a logo
    8. Add a link to your home page, privacy policy page, and the terms of service page.
    9. Enter your domain in the authorized domains section
    10. Finally, enter your developer contact information and click save
    11. On the next screen enable any scopes you may want and click save
    12. Add any test users you want on this screen and click save
    13.  On the left click Credentials
    14. Click +Create Credentials at the top of the screen and choose OAuth client ID
    15. Under Application Type  select Web application
    16. Add Name “INSERT BRAND NAME”
    17. Under Authorized Redirect URLs enter:
      1. https://BRAND’SOLODESKTOPURL/user/oauthcallback 
      2. https://BRAND’SOLOMOBILEWEBURL/account/oauthcallback 
    18. Click Create
    19. Provide Olo with the Client ID and Client Secret from the box that pops up

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