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Refunding in Expo


Refunding in Expo

Enabling Refund in Expo



Applicable orders can now be refunded from Expo. For the time being, we will only be allowing full refunds. Partial refunds will still have to be done in Dashboard.

Refunds can be completed for: 

  • Closed/past pickup, curbside, delivery, dine-in and Dispatch orders
  • Orders paid all or partially with a credit card or gift card


Refunding in Expo

Orders that are eligible for a refund will display a Refund button in the Order Actions dropdown. If an order is not eligible for a refund, this button will NOT display. 





Once the button is selected, a pop-up will display. 



Once the pop-up has been completed, the Expo user will be required to enter a PIN. 






Once the PIN has been successfully entered, a success banner will display. Additionally, the payment details section will reflect the refund and a Refunded badge and banner will display. 








You can view the refund process on Expo in this video: 



Enabling Refunds in Expo

Brand managers will need to enable the refund permission in Dashboard. That can be done on the Expo Tab > Brand Settings > Refund question. 




Once enabled on the brand page, a refund permission will display on the Location Settings > Users > Permissions page. This will always default to the off position. The store manager can toggle this on for employees who can perform refunds. 




You can view how to enable refunds in Dashboard in this video: 


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