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Expo's Dispatch Features



Order Cards

  • The order card will display the DSP picking up the order. When available, it will display the DSP logo. 
  • An orange 'Pickup Early' badge displays when the courier will be 7+ minutes early to the location. 
  • An orange 'Pickup Delayed' badge displays when the courier will be 7+ minutes late to the location. 
  • An orange 'Delivery Early' badge displays when the courier will be 7+ minutes early to the customer. 
  • An orange 'Delivery Delayed' badge displays when the courier will be 7+ minutes late to the customer.
  • A red 'Delivery Canceled' badge displays when a delivery has been canceled



Order Details Dispatch Module 

  • Visual indicators will display (even when the module is closed) that indicate the status of the delivery. 
    • These will display if the delivery or pickup is more than 7 min early or late. 
    • Only one will display at a time even if the pickup and delivery are delayed. It will display the 'Pickup Delayed' until the order has been picked up, at which point, it will be replaced with 'Delivery Delayed'. 
  • If the delivery is early or delayed, the timeline will display the updated time and the original quoted time. 
  • If a delivery has been canceled, the canceled state will display. 
  • If a new delivery was rescued by Olo's automatic rescue logic, a purple indicator will display. 







Dispatch Driver Map

When available, the Dispatch module will display a "View Driver Map" button. On click, the module will expand to display a map with:

  • Restaurant location
  • Delivery location
  • Driver location (only when the driver is close to picking up the order and when they are on the way to the delivery location)




Dispatch Cancellation Notifications

Teams can configure cancelation notifications to best fit their workflow via the menu button > Notifications > Dispatch Cancellation. To learn more about notification configurations, see this article

Note: Deliveries that have been rescued through the Dispatch rescue logic will not display the cancellation notifications. 



Flashing Dispatch Cancellation Notification 



Popup Dispatch Cancellation Notification



Dispatch Delivery Request

Expo users with the required permissions can request new Dispatch deliveries. To learn how to grant this permission to Expo users, please see this article.


Select Request New Delivery from either the 'Actions' dropdown or the button on the Dispatch module. 




The Dispatch request form will need to be filled out. Click Submit Request



Confirm the quoted price. 



An Expo user will need to enter their PIN




A success message displays. 


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