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Facebook Domain Verification

With Apple's iOS 14 release, there is a new requirement when using Facebook ads. Brands must verify their domain in order to utilize this feature. Any brands who use the Olo platform and utilize Facebook ads will be required to verify their domain on Facebook. 

We have had multiple requests on how to complete this process. Unfortunately, Olo cannot complete domain verification. Olo actually redirects all sites to one URL ( Because of this, we cannot verify a specific brands domain on our end. 

In order for you to complete the domain verification process, you must first CNAME your URL, which will give you full control over that URL. This will allow you to verify the domain on Facebook. 

Please see the below steps for how to complete this process

  1. If you do not have a CNAME setup yet, you will need to follow the below steps to set that up. 
    1. Instructions here: CNAME Instructions
  2. Create a DNS TXT record using @ for their root level domain
    1. Instructions here: Verifying Your Domain
  3. Verify their root level domain
    1. Steps are in the link above





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