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3. Add Products to the Basket


Add Products to the Basket (Menu Page)

After confirming the handoff, time, and location information for the order you can begin to add products to the caller's basket. 


1. Add Product to Basket

2. Edit Product(s) in Basket

3. Remove Product from Basket

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1. Add Product to Basket  Go back to Top

1. First, select the Category in the left-hand column to show all Products within the Category



2. Select the Product you want to add from the middle column 




3. When you select a product a modal will appear for you to:

Select the desired options [1],
Add Special Instructions [2],
Adjust the quantity [3].

Once You're done customizing the product, click Save [4] to add the product to the Basketswb_5-3-2_product_modal_internal_description_copy.png

You can see the contents of the caller's Basket in the Basket column on the right-hand side. 




2. Edit Product(s) in the Basket Go back to Top

After you've added product(s) to the caller's basket you can edit them to make option or quantity updates.

1. Click the edit_icon.png (edit) icon next to the product you want to edit to open the product modal.swb_5-4_basket_zoom_copy.png



2. When the modal opens you'll see that all of the previous option, special instruction, and quantity selections are in place. Make the needed changes to the product and then click Save to update the product changes.




3. Remove Product(s) from the Basket Go back to Top

Products can also be removed from the caller's basket if needed.

1. Click the remove_icon.png (remove) icon next to the product you want to remove from the basket.




2. A modal will appear prompting you to confirm that you want to remove the product from the Basket. Click Remove to remove the Product from the Basket. 




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Other Functionality on this Page Go back to Top

A-Z and Z-A Sorting

You can sort Categories and Products alphabetically and in reverse-alphabetical order. To do this, click on az_icon.png (sorting) icon to sort the Categories and/or Products. 



az_icon_a.png will sort the Categories/Products alphabetically.



az_icon_z.png Will sort the Categories/Products in reverse-alphabetical order.


View Store Location

View the map modal by clicking on the map_icon.png icon (location). 


Change Location

If the caller wishes to change the location of their order, click on (Change Location) to go back to the Order Page to edit the location.


NOTE: Product availability is subject to the selected location. If the location is changed after the caller added products to their basket, then some products may not be available, and subsequently removed from the basket. You will be shown a notification if this happens.


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