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NCR Cloud - Aloha : Items are all mismatching, but other stores have no mismatches


Technical Teams, Account Managers, Engineers, & Product Teams


It has been observed that price updates for a new store are returning mismatches on all items. Yet, Olo has been successfully pulling prices for previous stores for the brand and the Catalog team has identified that data export has not been received from CFC.


Confirm CFC is properly configured with items enabled for catalog, the store is set to export to catalog and that the CFC environment is correctly configured.


  1. Flag "Export to Catalog" in CFC and that data has been refreshed for the store.
  2. Confirm the activation code is correct in CFC and that data has been refreshed for the store.
  3. Confirm Items are flagged for Catalog in Menu > Items and that data has been refreshed.
  4. Run a price update in Olo Dashboard manually or await the automatic price update to run.

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