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Revel POS: Configuration for Olo Custom Fees.

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Description of Issue
Brands often have the need to pass on a fee to customers for various reasons. It is important to separate that fee from other Sales.


Olo has a feature named Custom Fees. Revel Service Fees can be used to carry these Custom Fees to the POS system



  1. In Revel, navigate to Products, Service Fees and add a new service fee. It is necessary to make it a Dynamic Fee and to give it an Alias. The Alias can be alpha or numeric. Other settings are as shown.
    Using the setting "Pass Through Fee" is your choice. If not checked, the fee will show as a sale. If checked, it will show as a liability in Revel. At the very bottom, you may need to add more Dining Options depending on your selections in Olo. These Dining Options need to match those that are being mapped in Olo, and selected when creating the Olo Custom Fee. These selection hand offs in Olo are explained in a linked article in #3.

  2. Save the Fee and Push it to the POS.

  3. Set up a Custom Fee in Olo according to this article. In the POS Reference field you will use the value of the Alias that you entered in Revel.

  4. Custom Fees will now be added to orders according to your Olo configuration. When ordering in Olo, clicking on the question mark after Taxes and Fees will display a breakdown. The name and description of the fee here will be what you set up in Olo.

    The Custom Fee will appear on the order in Revel. The name on the Revel order will be the name of the Service Fee that you set up in Revel.

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