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Simphony POS: Menu Testing


Technical Teams, Customer Success Teams, and Client's POS programmer   


Once you have built your menu or added a new item, these are the proper testing steps.


This document provides the recommended testing steps for a new menu.

Step 1:

Add desired items to each store menu in the Olo Dashboard. 

Step 2: 

Run the price updater from the settings area (you will be required to select the store). 

  • This will display any mismatches.  Mismatches are items/condiments that are mapped via the company menu that does not exist in the Simphony database. 
  • Resolve these mismatches

Step 3:

Basket test each item from the dashboard (this is a basic calculate totals call from micros).

  • If a basket test fails, please refer to the Olo log to determine the cause of this failure (normally the error returned from Simphony is plain English).  
  • FYI Basket tests is a computer-generated basket from the items selected to test (choices are randomly selected so some baskets may be valid while others not when testing the same items).  We recommend testing multiple basket tests per each item.

Step 4:

Place test orders via the URL listed under store settings on the dashboard. 

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