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Switchboard: Single-Store Experience


This article describes what the single-store experience is in Switchboard and how it differs from the multi-store flow. This article also outlines some key considerations for using the single-store flow.


What is the Single-store ordering flow?

The single-store experience in Switchboard removes the need for selecting a location when creating an order. Instead, Switchboard will pre-select the one store you have access to for each order you create. This experience is ideal for in-store users that will only be placing orders for their store, or, for remote users that are taking call-in orders for a single store. Below, find an example of ordering flow differences between the Switchboard single-store experience and the multiple-store experience: 


Single-store Flow




Multi-store Flow




As you can see, the single-store experience removes the store search and store selection steps; streamlining the ordering experience for the Switchboard user. 



Key Considerations

While a single-store experience streamlines the ordering flow for the Switchboard user, there are some important callouts regarding the functionality the single-store user will have access to:

  • Order Placement - The user will ONLY be able to place orders at the store they have access to.
  • Order Modification - The user will ONLY be able to modify orders that are scheduled at their store. The user won't be able to view or edit orders scheduled at other stores.
  • Capacity Insight - Since the user will only have access to one store, they won't have insight into the ordering capacity of other stores. Having insight into other stores' capacity is useful when your store is at capacity, especially if you need to transfer orders to a different location. 


How to enable Single-Store 

The single-store flow can be set for a user by adjusting their store access to one store. This can be accomplished through User Management by following these instructions.

NOTE: If the user has access to more than one store, then they will experience the multi-store flow. 


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