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Expo Device Level Notification Configurations

Expo users can configure their notification to best fit their workflow. This feature is available for both Expo Companion and Expo Standalone users. To customize notifications, go to the Settings > Notifications.



In the Notifications section, you will see a list of notifications that can be configured for your location.

  • Some notifications are based on services the location is enrolled in (ie. Dispatch will not display if the location is not enrolled in Dispatch)



Each notification type can be configured by visual and audio elements. 



Visual Notifications 

Both types of visual notifications can be enabled at the same time. A Flashingnotification will take over the whole screen and flash until someone taps the device. P​opupnotifications will display in the center of the screen.

Active Order Flashing Notification



New Order Flashing Notification


Note: If both Active Order and New Order flashing notifications are configured, ASAP orders will only display the Active flashing notification. 


Curbside Arrivals Flashing Notification



Order Failure Flashing Notification



Dispatch Cancellation Flashing Notification



Active Order Popup Notification


New Order Popup Notification


Note: If both
Active Order and New Order popup notifications are configured, ASAP orders will only display the Active flashing notification. 

Curbside Arrivals Popup Notification


Order Failure Popup Notification


Dispatch Cancellation Popup Notification


Visual Notifications 

Only a single audio option can be selected for each notification type. The looping option will play until someone taps the screen. The single option will only chime once. 


Save Configurations 

Once the device has been configured, click Save and a success banner will appear.





Standalone Users Only

If an order has not been accepted for two minutes, a flashing Order Needs Action notification will display. This notification is not configurable and will continue to display and repeatedly chime until the order has been accepted.


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