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How to enable Switchboard


This article outlines all the steps for turning Switchboard on for your brand and key points of consideration as you configure Switchboard.


Before you can begin enabling Switchboard, please discuss this with your Customer Success Manager to discuss the terms of using Switchboard for your stores.

1. Make Decisions for Switchboard Settings


Review the following available configurations and let your Customer Success Manager know what you'd like to configure for Switchboard:


Channel-level Settings

  • Disable Same-Day Orders
    • Do you want to disable the ability to place orders for same-day pickup?
  • Show Special Instructions
    • Do you want to enable item-level special instructions?
  • Allow Users to Save Card on File
    • Do you want Switchboard agents to be able to save credit cards and gift cards to callers' accounts for later use?
      • NOTE: Olo does not recommend turning this on until you've been able to consider the security risks of this feature. Since there's no way of validating the caller's identity on the phone, there's a higher risk of unauthorized people using a card they shouldn't be.

Store-level Settings

  • Disable Billing Schemes
    • Do you want Credit Card, Pay in Store, or Gift Cards to be excluded from Switchboard?
  • Disable Same-Day Billing Schemes
    • Do you want Credit Card, Pay in Store, or Gift Cards to be excluded from Switchboard is same-day pickup is selected?



2. Set User Permissions for Switchboard



Decide which users will have access to Switchboard, what their level of access will be, and which stores they'll have access to.

  • Call Center Agent User Permissions - This permissions allows user to access Switchboard to place orders, edit orders, and search for orders. 
  • Call Center Manager User Permission - This permission allows Switchboard users to adjust the Self-serve Switchboard Settings
    • NOTE: Call Center Manager is not a stand-alone user permissions to access Switchboard. Call Center Manager must be used with Call Center Agent. 
    • NOTE: The Brand Manager permission provides the same access that Call Center Manager does.
  • Store Permission - When setting user permissions, be sure to review the store permissions for each user. Switchboard users will only be able to place orders, edit orders, and search for orders at locations they have access to.
    • Single-Store Access - Users that have access to Switchboard and are only assigned to one store will have the benefit of the single-store ordering flow, which removes the location search step. The single-store slow is ideal for in-store users or users that are remotely handling call-in orders for a single location. Click here to learn more about this experience.

Assign user permissions and store permission with User Management via Olo's Dashboard. Follow these instructions to configure each user's permissions yourself. 



3. Configure Self-serve Switchboard Settings



Once you have access to the Switchboard application, configure the application settings to match your business rules. The settings that can be configured within Switchboard are:

  • Allow agents (users) to search all orders
  • Switchboard orders respect throttling settings
  • Include order notes
  • Re-use customer's original payment when updating orders

Click here to read more about the available settings, what they control, and how to update them.



4. Update the Menu



Using the Switchboard Menu Filter, update the visibility settings of categories, products, modifier groups, and modifiers on Switchboard. You can also create new categories, products, modifiers etc and make them exclusively available on Switchboard if you so choose. Follow the instructions here to adjust the menu visibility for Switchboard.


Additionally, you can add Internal Descriptions to your products to share critical information on your products to Switchboard users only. Read more on Internal Descriptions and how to apply them here





5. Begin Taking Orders!


Congratulations, you're ready to use Switchboard! View our Create Order documentation to review the Switchboard order flow and explore the functionality available on each step. 


You can also explore additional Switchboard documentation by going to the Switchboard Space in our Help Center. 


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