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Switchboard: User Types and Management


This article outlines the available user permissions to Switchboard, what they enable, and how to configure them for users. 

User Permissions

  • Call Center Agent - This permissions allows user to access Switchboard to place orders, edit orders, and search for orders. 
  • Call Center Manager - This permission allows Switchboard users to adjust the Self-serve Switchboard Settings
    • NOTE: Call Center Manager is not a stand-alone user permissions to access Switchboard. Call Center Manager must be used with Call Center Agent. 
    • NOTE: The Brand Manager permission provides the same access that Call Center Manager does.

Store Permissions

When setting user permissions, be sure to review the store permissions for each user. Switchboard users will only be able to place orders, edit orders, and search for orders at locations they have access to.

  • Single-Store Access - Users that have access to Switchboard and are only assigned to one store will have the benefit of the single-store ordering flow, which removes the location search step. The single-store slow is ideal for in-store users or users that are remotely handling call-in orders for a single location. Click here to learn more about this experience.

NOTE: If a user is unable to find and edit an order for a store they have access to, the 'Allow Agents to Search All Orders' setting might be disabled. This setting allows users to search and edit orders that were placed outside of Switchboard. To learn more about this setting, click here.


Assigning Permissions

Assign user permissions and store permission with User Management via Olo's Dashboard. Follow these instructions to configure each user's permissions yourself. 



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