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Single Location Multiple Expo Standalone Support

You can now use as many Expo Standalone devices in a single location as you’d like. This can support your restaurant’s needs, such as:

  • Separate front-of-house and back office devices
  • A device at each preparation/packaging station
  • A device at a customer handoff area

You should continue to keep a minimum of one ​Expo device on during business hours to receive new orders.


Needs Action Tab

You may not want all of your Expo devices to be responsible for accepting orders. If so, the new Hide/Show Needs Action​ toggle will allow you to hide the ​Needs Action​ tab on the devices that should not accept orders.





Previously, orders that had not yet been accepted were only listed in the ​Needs Actiontab. Going forward, they will also be displayed in the Upcoming,​ Active​, or P​ast tab (depending on the order timestamp).


Accepting Orders

Orders that have not yet been accepted will now have an orange pulsing effect (regardless of which tab you are viewing).






Same as before, orders can be accepted via the blue ​Accept Order​ button while viewing the ​Needs Action​ tab.




While viewing any other tab, orders can now be accepted via the Actions​ button.








If two minutes have elapsed and an order has still not been accepted, a full-screen notification will display, and looping audio will play until someone touches the screen.




Once an order has been accepted, it will display as such across all devices in the restaurant. The updates should be immediate.


Workflow Suggestions

If your restaurant has various workstations and the additional devices will be used for preparing, packaging, or handing off the food, you should configure only one device to have the ​Need Action​ tab shown and all other devices should have that tab hidden. This will allow workstations to focus on preparing, packaging, or handoff and there won’t be any confusion around which station should be responsible for accepting the orders.

If you plan to have multiple people be responsible for accepting orders, you should have the ​Needs Action​ tab enabled for all of their devices. This flow is generally seen in restaurant locations that do not have a dedicated person managing online orders.

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