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MICROS POS: Marketplace Facilitator Tax Setup (0% tax in POS)


Technical Teams, Engineers, Product Managers


Description of Issue

In some cases, state law requires 3rd party food delivery marketplaces to be responsible for tax calculation and collection on orders as well as remittance to taxing authority. This is referred to as "Facilitator Tax". This document will explain how Micros 3700 POS can be configured so that there is no tax calculated on POS for the order.


Configuration Option 1: Order Types

If your marketplaces utilize their own order types, the tax class of these order types can be set to No Tax. If you wish to have additional order types added for additional marketplaces, please contact Olo help.




Configuration Option 2: Tenders

An alternative method to order type modifications is to exempt taxes on Olo tenders, which can be useful if a store cannot support additional order types in Micros.

  • In POS Configurator, go to Sales --> Tax Classes, then create a tax class if one does not already exist which contains all tax rates to be exempted on orders.
  • Go to Sales --> Tenders, select the relevant Olo tender, select the “Tender” tab, and enable the “Tax exempt coupon” option.
  • Select the “General” tab, then configure the Exempted Tax Class to be the tax class created in (1). In the following example, we use a tax class that exempts all tax rates, but one could also choose a tax class that exempts only some rates.





We suggest running tests on this configuration in your lab environment prior to deploying to your live environment. No additional steps need to be taken in Olo.

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