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Release Notes - January 13, 2021



API documentation for the Menu Import Service has been moved to the Developer Portal (the previous URL now redirects users) 


The 'Store Breakdown Closed Orders' report now breaks out orders by viewport for brands that have migrated to Serve


If a restaurant has not opened yet and the user's selected order criteria is valid, guests will no longer see a warning message on the menu page


Brink: Added the ability to build and send Brink combos to POS


Xpient: Added the ability to hold drive-thru orders in POS until they are manually released by users


New Feature: Customers can now use the Menu Filter to control which products are available, exclusively available, or hidden on Switchboard

Bug Fixes:


The advanced selection tool in the bulk vendor tree selector is now case insensitive reducing the likelihood of errors 


Toast: When POS price updates are performed, items are no longer automatically assigned as 'taxable'

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