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Enabling the Feature to Toggle Between "Available" and "Full" Menu

You are able to display menu items to the customer based on their handoff mode and time wanted selection. Based on the customer's handoff mode and time wanted, the customer can be presented with the "available menu" for ordering. If the customer has not made these selections, they will be presented with the "full menu".


Available Menu View

Based on the example shown below, a customer goes on the Entrees2 menu on a weekday and selects the 4 pm time slot as the time wanted for their order. Based on the customer's selection of handoff mode and time wanted, they are shown the menu that is available for them to order from. As you can see, the "view full menu" option is toggled off, and the customer is being shown a Roasted Chicken item that is available for ordering on weekdays starting at 4 pm, along with other menu items that do not have availability restrictions. You can learn more about setting availability dates and times for products here.


Based on another example, the customer goes on the menu and selects their time wanted as noon. They are still being shown the available menu, with the "view full menu" option being toggled off, and the item that was available for ordering starting at 4 pm disappears off of the menu.


In instances when the customer is shown the available menu, they can always enable the "View Full Menu" option, if they would like to view the full menu at the store.

If you are a brand manager and you are not seeing the "View Full Menu" toggle on your menu, and would like this toggle to be enabled, submit a request and we will assist you!




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