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Factors impacting your SEO rankings

It’s important to remember that Google does not publish their ranking system rules and that these rules can change every so often. While there are known factors that can influence SEO rankings, this article is not meant to be an exact blueprint for increasing your ordering site’s visibility. Using a responsive site is one of the best ways to improve page ranking so if you are using Olo’s white-label front-end and have not yet migrated to Serve, we recommend doing that.

Below is a list of areas you can focus on to improve your website’s Google search rankings. This is not an exhaustive list but will help identify any areas to improve and how Olo can help you.


Factors that influence your rank

What can brands do?

What can Olo offer?

Using a responsive website

Migrate to a responsive website design

Serve: Olo’s responsive ordering front end

Indexed pages have the appropriate metadata


Olo exposes these variables for the pages to be indexed 

Social media accounts are linked to the sites

Ensure that all social media accounts are linked to the appropriate sites

  • Social links can be added to the welcome email footer
  • Olo supports custom links in the footer of Serve
  • The 'Thank You' page supports Facebook and Twitter integrations

Validate website on the Google Search Console

Whoever owns the DNS needs to verify/validate the information


Images should be quick to load

Brands should ensure assets provided to Olo are quick to load (reference our Style Guide for details)

Ongoing performance enhancements and new features added to Serve

Image names include specific keywords

Brands should create  image names that match their SEO keywords (reference our Style Guide and Menu Image Management for details)

Olo provides the tools that enable brands to control the imagery displayed on Serve

Copy contains keywords that brands prefer users who search those keywords to see

Create keywords that are searchable and use them for website copy

Olo implements copy provided by brands

Ensuring our Robots.txt + Sitemap.xml are correct



Consistently have updates across the sites to show Google the sites are fresh


Olo does this on an ongoing basis for all brands

Ads and other links from the brand’s online properties all link back to the sites

Implement backlinks to the ordering site from your main homepage


Social Media: Facebook (Open Graph tags), Twitter cards, etc.


Olo hardcodes metadata for all brands

Publishing news articles, blogs, and other secondary content

Creating content outside your ordering experience that points to your ordering pages can help improve your site’s relevance according to Google


Having an HTTPS site


Olo applies SSL certificates to all sites and redirects traffic from HTTP to HTTPS

Use an appropriate content structure


Olo ensures the content structure aligns appropriately with what the content it’s conveying

Adding structured data (Google Search Gallery) 


As part of the product roadmap, Olo is working on a way to verify site data is structured according to Google’s best practices (not yet available)

Only using 1-2 fonts 

Brands should choose 1-2 font families to use

Support for 2 fonts is planned to be added as part of Olo's product roadmap


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