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FAQ: Virtual Kitchen Concepts


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This article lists the most common FAQs we get from brands that are using Olo when adding Virtual Concepts to existing locations or sometimes "Ghost Kitchens". 


Can I use the current integration to my POS that I have with Olo?

Yes, you can use the current POS System in the existing concept. 

If using an existing POS Integration, can I have a different set of POS Configurations (order modes, tenders, etc.) for each new concept?

Yes, to an extent. There are many POS Configurations that are set at the "Vendor" level in Olo. Some of these configurations, such as order modes and tender type, are configurable to use a different set for each new concept.

If using an existing POS Integration, can I have a different revenue center for the concept?

This is dependent on the type of POS integration that is currently in place. Many of the POSs have a workaround for this, but you would need to check with your POS Specialist for more information. 

Does each concept have to be on an individual channel?

Depending on the size of the brand, it is recommended to have each concept as an individual channel for proper linking, reporting, and troubleshooting.

If I use Expo, will orders from all concepts go into one tablet?

Yes. For Expo companion or Expo standalone, all orders will be submitted to the same tablet(s). 

Can I have one MID (Merchant ID from CC Processor) for all concepts, since all orders are going to one tablet?

No. As with any integration that Olo utilizes, each location within a concept will need to have its own MID.

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