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FAQ: Virtual Kitchen Concepts


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This article lists the most common FAQs we get from brands that are using Olo when adding Virtual Concepts to existing locations or sometimes "Ghost Kitchens". 


1. Can I use the current integration to my POS that I have with Olo?

  - Yes. You can use the current POS System in the existing concept. 

2. If using an existing POS Integration, can I have a different set of POS Configurations (order modes, tenders, ect) for each new concept?

  - Yes, to an extent. There are many POS Configurations that are set at "Vendor" level in Olo. Some of these        configurations, such as order modes and tender type, are configurable to use a different set for each new concept. 

3. If using an existing POS Integration, can I have a different revenue center for the concept?

    - This is dependent on the type of POS integration that is currently in place. Many of the POS have a work around for this, but you would need to check with your POS Specialist for more information. 

4. Does each concept have to be on an individual channel?

     - Depending on the size of the brand, it is recommended to have each concept as an individual channel for proper linking, reporting, and troubleshooting.

5. If I use EXPO, will orders from all concepts go into one tablet?

     -Yes. For EXPO Companion or EXPO Standalone, all orders will be submitted to the same tablet(s). 

6. Can I have one MID (Merchant ID from CC Processor) for all concepts, since all orders are going to one tablet?

-No. As with any integration that Olo utilizes, each location within a concept will need to have it's own MID. 



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