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Google and Dispatch for Network

Our Google integration supports Dispatch delivery in addition to pickup. Customers searching for food on Google will see the ‘Order Pickup’ and ‘Order Delivery’ options, providing more ways for your customers to order direct.


Eligibility: Brands must be contracted with Google and Dispatch Delivery in order to qualify for Google Dispatch.

Default Estimated Delivery Times & Delivery Fees 

  • The estimated delivery time defaults to 45 minutes and the estimated Delivery Fee defaults to $5.99. These two numbers are only visible at the start of the ordering experience. Once the order is placed, the customer will see an order details page and receive an emailed confirmation, where the exact ETA and delivery fee quoted by the DSP will appear.

  • If you would like to adjust your default ETA or Delivery Fee, please reach out to your Specialist.

Dispatch Fees Settings on Google

  • How will Dispatch Delivery Fees work on Google Dispatch (Dispatch fee tiers & fee subsidies)? 

    • Google Dispatch Delivery Fees will be the same as they are on Dispatch. We'll be using the delivery fees you have set up within Olo at the time of checkout. If you have set up your Dispatch fees to vary based on certain factors, once the basket is created, we'll get the fee and display it to the user at checkout.

  • Are Custom Fees supported on Google Dispatch? 
    • Yes, Custom Fees are supported on Google Food Ordering. The fee created will appear at the start of the ordering experience, at checkout, and on the order within the Dashboard. Both flat fees and percent based fees are supported. Both pickup and Dispatch handoff modes are supported.


  • What menus will be displayed? 

    • The "Order Pickup" button will lead to your Google Menu and the "Order Delivery" button will lead to the Dispatch menu

  • How will the Rails Pricing Markup Tool (price inflation) work? 

    • Price inflation is based on the marketplace. So if you want to markup Google orders, the markup will apply to both the Dispatch and pickup menus.


  • How will Google Dispatch orders come through in the POS? 

    • The POS configurations vary from POS to POS. For more information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager

  • How will the brand be notified of an order through Google Dispatch? 

    • Orders will come in just like any other order received from Olo. You can separate Google Pickup and Google Dispatch orders within the Dashboard (more information below). 


In the Dashboard, you will be able to take all the same actions available on your current Dispatch orders. This includes the ability to search for Google orders and see the Order Type. You can also Report a Dispatch Issue as you would handle support for a standard Dispatch order. In the External Ordering Partner (EOP) Details, you’ll see Google is listed as the Partner where the order came from.





The Google + Dispatch orders will show up in the current reports as both Rails orders, Google orders, and Dispatch orders. They’ll show up in the executive summary on the top section as Dispatch handoff mode, and at the bottom of the report as “Google” orders. 


To search Google Dispatch orders in the Dashboard:  Go to the Orders tab on the left side → Select Stores → Click the Store Selection Button → Search by Time Frame → Choose time period in the date section → Select 'Rails Orders Only' → Filter Partners to 'Google' → Change order type to 'dispatch' → Select 'See orders'. You can export these orders to excel by clicking the 'Export to Excel' button. 



Additional FAQ

Why are both the direct ordering and third party ordering links available on Google? 

  • Third-party marketplaces can still be available for ‘Order Delivery’ or ‘Order Pickup’. If you only want direct ordering through Olo to appear on your Google Listing, email your marketplace contacts and ask that the Google ordering option be removed.

Are the email communications the same for Dispatch and Google Dispatch?

  • Yes 

How will we be notified of an order through Google Dispatch?

  • Orders will come in just like any other order received from Olo. You’ll be able to see that the order was sourced by Google and that it's a dispatch order.

Are order minimums supported for Google Dispatch? 

  • Yes. If the order minimum is not met for Dispatch, the customer will receive a message notifying them and the order will not be successfully placed. 

Will Advanced Orders be supported for Google Dispatch?

  • Not at this time but is on the future feature list 

What should we do if there is an issue with a Dispatch order? 

How will the orders be configured in the POS? 

  • Each POS varies on Order Mode options for Google Dispatch orders. Please reach out to your POS Specialist for additional information.

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