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Using a Custom Font on Serve

On Serve, we use the default font, Inter. If you would like to use a different font, you can provide the font file and web licensing for us to implement onto your site instead.


How many fonts can be used on Serve?

Serve can support up to two fonts. One font can be applied globally across the entire site, or you can customize one font for headings and one font for body text, as described in the chart below:



What do I need to provide to use a custom font on Serve?

We need the web font file(s), as well as proof of web licensing unless it is a Google Font. (Which uses an open-source web license.) If you are using a Google Font, please tell us the name of the font and mention that it's a Google Font. For all other fonts, we legally cannot use a font file without proper proof of web licensing submitted with it, even if it is a free font. Web font files should be .woff or .woff2 files when they are purchased and/or downloaded.


Can I use an Adobe font?

Unfortunately, no. Adobe fonts use a script that is insecure and violates Olo PCI compliance standards. However, sometimes the same exact font (if not very similar) fonts are available on so we recommend checking there to see if it is available for web use. 


Important: How to tell that your font is licensed for web use.

There are multiple types of licenses that an individual font or font family can have, such as Desktop, Web, App, etc.


We frequently receive font licensing that is only licensed for Desktop, which we cannot use. This is usually because the free version of most fonts are for desktop only. Desktop licenses are intended for design use & print media. A Desktop license will say something like "1-5 users" or "1-5 monitors", which means up to 5 downloads, as opposed to being able to use across the web.

A web license should give a number of pageviews across a span of time. For example, "10,000 page views per month." When choosing a web license, it's okay to use the lowest number of page views (which usually won't be less than 10,000, but can sometimes be 250,000.)


The proof of web licensing example below (in the form of a receipt) is licensed for web use. This type of receipt or the license document itself are both acceptable as proof of web licensing.



Review your font file types & license carefully in order to make sure we have the proper materials in order to use your custom font file on Serve.


Using custom font(s) on an Olo app

This is information on how to submit a custom font for your Olo-built app. (Not a third-party app, such as using one with your loyalty provider, or custom app agency.)


We use the default system font, San Francisco, for iOS and Roboto for Android.


How many fonts can we use on our Olo App?

You can use two fonts, including two custom fonts or a combination of default font + custom font. One font is applied to body text, and the other font is applied to headers.


What do I need to provide to use a custom font on an Olo app?

Any replacement font family must offer regular, bold, and condensed styles. You can replace a single style (with a comparable regular, bold, or condensed style) and leave the other as the default.

We need the app font file, as well as proof of app licensing. We legally cannot use a font file without proper proof of app licensing submitted with it, even if it is a free font. 


Can I use the same font file + licensing as my web font for Serve?

No. App fonts require a separate font file + license type.


Important: How to tell that your font is licensed for app use.

An app license should give a number of installations, for a number of titles, across a span of time, usually one year or more. For example, "unlimited installations of one title for one year" or "one title for one year." The license needs to be available to be embedded in the app, and you may need to renew the license every year.


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