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Scheduled Order Serialization


To reduce the likelihood of POS timeouts or contention that can arise when too many scheduled orders are fired to individual stores’ POS systems at one time, Olo has introduced a store-level feature: Serialize Scheduled Orders. This feature is only usable if your brand is using the Olo Scheduler to hold orders. If all orders are fired to the POS as soon as they are placed, you are not using the Olo Scheduler. 

With Serialize Scheduled Orders enabled, Olo will queue all orders with the same fire time to be fired one at a time to the POS. We will wait for the POS to acknowledge the order (accept it or reject it) before sending another order to the POS. All additional orders destined for that store at that time will be placed into a secondary queue awaiting acknowledgment of the previous order from the store’s POS before being fired to the POS. This cycle will continue until all queued scheduled orders due are transmitted.

To provide POS systems with an optional cooling off period between order transmissions, it is possible to configure a store to wait a designated number of seconds before firing the next order from the secondary queue. This optional setting is called Scheduled Order Buffer and requires an integer representing a number of seconds to wait between POS acknowledgment of the first order and firing of the next order. Using order serialization may increase total transmission time when firing a large volume of orders to the POS. If you add an additional order buffer, the total transmission time will likely increase. 

Use Cases

Stores that experience a high volume of orders that fire at the same time on a given day will find this feature valuable. For example, brands that use our Future Date Fixed Make Time feature, which results in Olo sending all future day orders to the store’s POS at a designated time of day (typically in the morning). Additionally, brands that use Catering Make Time, which behaves similarly to Future Date Fixed Make Time Mode, would also find this feature beneficial.

If your POS tends to time out when receiving more than one regular scheduled order at a time, you may also find this feature valuable as it could help reduce order failures. We highly recommend enabling this if your brand does a high volume of pre-orders for big event days like the Super Bowl or Thanksgiving. 


Olo is able to turn this feature on at a single location before turning it on across all stores. We recommend implementing this feature in a lab store and queueing several advanced scheduled orders to fire at once before enabling across all locations. If you are a corporate employee, submit a ticket and we'll be happy to answer any questions and activate this feature for you

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