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Adding a "Featured" Tag on Menu Items

Brands on Serve can designate products as promotional/featured items. This also applies to mobile web, if you have not yet made the switch to Serve. Featured products will be sorted to the top of their category, and be marked with a "featured" label that appears towards the top-left area of the product card. If more than one product within a category has been marked as a featured product, the products will follow the same order as their order in Menu Admin. 




While the default text of the label will be "FEATURED", brands do have the ability to configure this text, to something such as "PROMO", "VALUE", "NEW", etc. However, this is a channel level update, meaning that this change will affect all brands and products that are under the same channel. There isn't a function that will let you set different phrases on a per-product basis, and on a per-brand basis for brands under the same restaurant channel. Also, if choosing to re-name this tag, we recommend that brands use a short description for this text, to avoid cluttering the product card. 


Steps to Tagging Products as "Featured"

  1. Login to the Dashboard at

  2. Click on the "Menus" tab on the left side of the screen. 

  3. Click on "Manage Company Menu".


  4. Click to expand the category that houses the products that you would like to tag as featured products.

  5. Click on the product you would like to update. 


  6. Scroll until you see the "Enable Featured Label" option. Select the option to make the product a featured product, and hit save. Repeat for all relevant products!


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