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User Management: User Status

User Status

The user “status” provides a Brand Administrator with insight into the state of their Dashboard user accounts. Here is a glossary of available Dashboard User statuses:

  • Invite Sent
    • The user has been sent an invite but has not yet accepted.
  • Invite Not Sent
    • The user has not been sent an invite yet.
  • Active
    • The user has accepted their invite and has created a Dashboard account.
  • Role Not Assigned
    • The user does not have a role assigned, leaving them without any permissions.
  • Stores Not Assigned
    • The user does not have any stores assigned, leaving them without the ability to do anything useful in Dashboard.
  • Deactivated
    • The user’s account has been deactivated by a Brand Administrator and can no longer log into Dashboard.


You can view user status in either the users list in the Users tab (outlined in red), as well as individually on each User Details page.





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