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User Management: Introductory Overview


User Management is a new Dashboard tool that Olo is now providing to brands! This tool will allow brands to create, edit and manage Dashboard account's and Dashboard permissions, all within the Olo Dashboard! If you are interested in this feature, please reach to your CSM to talk more about User Management and how you can move forward with accessing this feature. 


Specifically - the Dashboard User Management feature allows Dashboard users with the "Brand Administrator" role to do the following:

  • Create Dashboard users and invite them to set up their accounts
  • Create Dashboard roles and manage the permissions that make up each role
  • Assign users to roles (delegate Olo Dashboard access)
  • Manage store assignments for users
  • Get a bird's eye view into their users 'status' and access levels

What is a Brand Administrator?

Brand Administrators are responsible for:

  • Managing permissions for their channel's users
  • Managing store assignments for their channel's users

Brand Administrators have access to:

  • All permissions that are available for an associated channel
  • All stores that are available within an associated channel

Brand Administrators can access User Management features by navigating to the User Management tab in Dashboard (outlined in red).




You can see the Brand Administrator role (and the permissions that make up the Brand Administrator role for the given channel) in the Roles & Permissions tab (outlined in red).





For security purposes, assignment of the Brand Administrator role is managed internally by Olo.


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