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Switchboard: Internal Descriptions


This feature enables brands to create Switchboard-specific descriptions for products, allowing Switchboard users to see critical information about available products in addition to the customer-facing description. Internal descriptions will only be visible on Switchboard. 


Required Tasks

  1. Enable Switchboard Internal Descriptions (Olo task)
  2. Add ‘Internal Description’ for products through Menu Admin (Brand task)

1. Enable Switchboard Internal Descriptions

To start, please ask Olo Support to enable the appropriate Channel Setting to begin using Internal Descriptions. Additionally, please loop in your CSM for visibility.

2. Add ‘Internal Description’ for product(s)

Users of Olo’s Menu Admin can set internal descriptions that are only visible to Switchboard users. Some use cases for an internal description include listing ingredients, allergy information, special notes, etc.. 


Users can set an Internal description by navigating to the desired item in Menu Admin, selecting ‘edit’, and then scrolling down to ‘Internal Description’, which is below ‘Menu product visibility’. Internal descriptions are limited to 1000 characters. If no description is set, an internal description will not be displayed on Switchboard. 


Once the desired description has been added, select ‘save’ for the desired product. Below is an example of how Internal Descriptions will be displayed in Switchboard:




Q: Why can’t I set an internal description for Categories?

A: Switchboard doesn’t show category descriptions today, so adding an internal description for a category would be moot. When Switchboard is redesigned in 2021, we’ll introduce category descriptions.


Q: Will the Internal Description show up anywhere else within Olo?

A: No. Internal Descriptions will only display on Switchboard. 


Q: Can I apply any styling to the Internal Description such as line breaks, font weight, etc.?

A: No. Internal Descriptions, like regular product descriptions, can't be styled.

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