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Aloha POS: Above Store and Above Olo - Marketplace Facilitator Tax Setup (0% tax in POS)


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Description of Issue

In some cases, state law require 3rd party food delivery marketplaces to be responsible for tax calculation and collection on orders as well as remittance to taxing authority.  This is referred to as "Facilitator Tax".  This document will explain how to configure this in your Aloha POS so that there is no tax calculated on POS for the order.  



  • Configure the order mode for the specific marketplace. Orders sent through this order mode should not charge tax. 
    • In Aloha CFC, navigate to Maintenance>System Settings>Order Modes
    • Open the Order Mode for the marketplace, and check the box for "Non-Taxable except"Screenshot_2020-10-22_084733.png
  • Configure the tender for the specific marketplace.  This tender should auto-adjust over payments to match the balance of the check.  
    • In Aloha CFC.  Navigate to Maintenance>Payments>Tenders
    • Open the tender for the specific marketplace and check the box for "Auto fix balance without prompt".  Screenshot_2020-10-22_085226.png
  • We suggest running tests on this configuration in your lab environment prior to deploying to your live environment.  No addition steps need to be taken in Olo.  

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