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Brink: No tax for Olo rails orders in Market Facilitator states


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Description of Issue

Some states are changing their laws to require that the marketplace partners collect and pay taxes for orders that originate in their system.  While the tax calculation and collection in the marketplace is not sent to Olo the POS still returns a tax value to Olo when we submit the orders and therefore the tax is recorded in both Olo and the POS.  Many brands prefer to make the orders show no tax in the POS to simplify sales and tax reporting.  



To show 0 tax for an order in Olo the POS must calculate 0 tax for that order because Olo always pulls the tax from the POS.  In Brink this can be achieved by limiting the tax rates used in your menus from the Olo marketplace destinations.  This change should be tested in a lab first and performed by someone with an active understanding of the Brink destination configuration and the Olo rails configuration.  


To limit the tax on these destinations in Brink settings editor open the taxes section.  Select the destination button and check limit destinations.  Check every destination that can charge this tax.  In most cases this will be every destination that is not used by the rails marketplace you are updating.  If you do not know which destination you are using for a specific marketplace please reach out to Olo support to confirm your destination settings.  This update should be made to all applicable tax rates. 




Once this change is made you can submit a test order and you should see no tax in the POS or Olo for the order.  Please test thoroughly and be sure to test non rails orders as well to ensure that taxes are calculating properly for ALL orders after this change is made. 


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