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Google Food Ordering FAQ

Why are both direct ordering and third party ordering available on Google? 

  • Third-party marketplaces can still be available for “Order Delivery” or “Order Pickup” as well. If the brand only wants Olo ordering to appear on the Google Listing, the brand needs to email their contact at the marketplace and ask that the Google ordering option be removed.
  • The “Direct Ordering” option at the top of the Google Ordering page is the Google Rails listing coming from Olo with images, menu, etc. The “Third Party Ordering” option may not be using the Olo information and orders placed using that option will appear as standard third-party orders from that ordering provider.

Where can I see my orders within Olo? 

Orders will flow through Olo and appear in the Dashboard alongside branded site orders. See below for how Google Orders will appear in the Dashboard. The ordering provider will be listed as “Google”.



What reporting is available?

  • Olo Dashboard: In the Dashboard, Google orders will be included in all Orders reports. You can specifically search for Google orders from the Orders tab in the Dashboard.


  • Google Console: In order to gain access to the Google console, email your Specialists! Access by going to You can toggle based on the date. This is the data available on the Google Console:



How am I billed for this?

  • Olo will include a new line item in the monthly invoice reflecting Google orders. It will appear as “Rails Premium Fee”.

Who is the merchant of record?

  • The brand is the merchant of record for Google Food Ordering. Chargebacks will therefore be handled by the brand, just as orders on Olo. This also means you can obtain customer information for Google Rails orders.

How are payments processed?

  • Payments are made using the Google Pay billing scheme and are processed on the store’s merchant account. This is the same account used for orders paid for by credit card placed directly via Olo ordering sites and apps. The funds are deposited into the merchant’s account in the same batch as other Olo orders.

Is there a cost for these orders?

  • Olo charges a fee for orders from Google. Brands should reach out to their Olo Sales representative for more details.

How will my invoice look with Google Rails Premium?

  • “Rails Premium Fee” will appear as a line item on your statement. 
    • Unit Price = Google Per Order Commission 
    • QTY = Subtotal of all closed google orders
    • Amount = Total charge of Google 


Why do I need to set up Google Pay?

  • Google Pay is the payment method that Google uses on their ordering page to process credit card transactions. By enabling Google Pay, you are authorizing Google to collect payment from customers for your stores via Google Pay. This only impacts the customers’ side. Payments will still be processed through each store’s merchant account. 


Do Menu Visibility Filters work with Google Food Ordering?

  • Yes, they work with Google Food Ordering. Google is an External Ordering Partner, so all menu information enabled for EOP’s will be available on Google.

Is the Rails Price Inflation Tool supported on Google?

  • Yes, you can add Price Inflation in the Olo Dashboard for Google specifically if you use the Rails Pricing Tool.

How often are menus shared with Google?

  • Menus are sent nearly immediately after every change you make in Olo. This includes adding/removing menu items, changing prices via the Pricing Sync tool, updating images, etc.

My images are not appearing correctly on my menu. How do I fix this?

  • You must have menu images in Olo in order for them to appear on your Google menu. If you notice an issue, please reach out to your Google Rails Specialist. 

My logo is not appearing correctly on Google. How do I fix this?

  • Please share an image of your logo with your Rails Specialists and Google support at The dimensions must be 192 X 192.

How do we handle Franchisee Opt-In?

  • Reach out to your Google Rails Specialist, who will create a Franchisee Opt-In Form that you can share with all of your franchisees. 

How do I add additional locations to GRP in the future?

  • While you can enable Google in the Olo Dashboard, it is imperative that Google Pay and the Merchant IDs are set up in Olo’s system. In order to do so, please contact Google Pay can be set up in advance as long as the store has a valid merchant account ID set up in Olo. You can enable Google access in the Olo Dashboard via the Rails tab on the desired launch date and the location should become available within a few hours.

How do I manage canceled orders?

  • Once the order is fired to the POS, it can be handled the same way all other branded orders are. The same processes in place for dealing with cancelations for Olo orders can be applied to Google Food Ordering orders. You will have the same options in the order details page as you do with standard Olo orders.

How does a brand obtain the information on customers that opted into marketing? Do they need to subscribe to a webhook?

  • Yes - there is a webhook that they can subscribe to that will send whenever someone opts into marketing. 

Can I update the “Ready In 10 Minutes” Estimated Pickup/Delivery Times?

  • Yes, the estimated times that appear on the initial ordering page can be adjusted. Your Google Rails Specialist can make that change. After a customer places an order, the estimated pickup/delivery time will be the validated time through Olo using your maketime calculations or ETA from delivery providers.

Is there a way to remove tipping from Google orders or remove the 'Cash Tip' option? 

  • You can remove the tips entirely if you’d like. Please reach out to your Google Rails Specialists in order to do so. 
  • Google does not allow you to remove the “cash tip” option. They assume this is what customers select if they do not plan on leaving a tip. 

Is Dispatch delivery available?

  • Dispatch became available on Google Rails in October 2020. For more information, contact your Google Rails Specialist
  • Dispatch orders can be placed through the Google Rails ordering system, which may require adjustments to existing POS Configurations
  • Your Rails Specialist can walk you through the available options for your POS as to how Dispatch orders can be sent down via Google Rails.

Which Rails features are supported on Google Rails Premium? 

  • ASAP Pickup Orders & Dispatch Orders → Will expand to scheduled orders & Self Delivery in the future.
  • POS Validation at time of order placement
  • Shield Fraud Protection + Sift Science Fraud Prevention
  • Reporting through the Dashboard
  • Google Pay
  • Rails Menu Filters
  • Rails Price Inflation Tool 
  • Menu Images
  • Item Hour Availability
  • Modifier Quantities
  • Custom Fees

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