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Rails Premium FAQ

How is Rails Premium different from Rails?

Instead of working with third-party marketplaces, Rails Premium allows brands to partner with a variety of sites using a small fee-based system where brands only pay for attributed orders. Additionally, the large fees brands typically have to pay to work with these sites are waived through Rails Premium.

What partners are live with Rails Premium?

Currently, we have partnerships with Button, Google, OpenTable, SinglePlatform, and TripAdvisor with other partner sites to be announced soon!

  • For those unfamiliar with Button, they enable restaurants to partner with loyalty sites that provide rewards and cash back to customers. Brands have access to millions of customers who are motivated by cash back offers and other rewards increasing the likelihood of conversion.
    • Partners: Acorn, Drop, Gas Buddy, Rakuten(Ebates), Retail Me Not, Samsung Pay, and Shopkick

How do I sign up for Rails Premium?

Please reach out to our Sales Team to learn more.

Is there a lookback window for Rails Premium orders?

Yes. Rails Premium fees are charged on all orders placed within 24 hours of a customer being introduced to your brand through a partner site. Orders placed after the 24-hour window will not incur any fees.

Who owns the order information when using Rails Premium?

You are the merchant of record for all Rails Premium orders and therefore you control all the valuable customer data. Olo will provide information about who places orders and where they originate so you can re-market to customers as you see fit.

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