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Revel POS: Rails Markup Tool POS Setup


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Description of Issue

Brands often want to mark up pricing on a marketplace and ingest that markup into the POS system. Olo has a Rails Markup tool to allow Brands to add a percentage upcharge to items that are flagged for Rails. Revel will not accept any price other than the Product price in the POS. 



Olo can be configured for Revel to always use the POS price for Rails orders. The difference, or markup amount is then sent to a specific Service Charge in Revel.


Steps to Implement:

  1. Open Revel Admin and navigate to Products > Service Fees.
  2. Create a new fee, give it an appropriate name, and Save.
  3. Click on the Edit icon,


    and configure as shown here. 


    Make sure to flag "Dynamic" and give the fee an alpha or numeric alias. Choose the Dining Option that you use for regular pickup orders (usually To Go or Online Ordering).
  4. Save this fee. Fill in this form with the name and alias of the service fee.

Related Links

Rails Management: Control access, markup pricing, and roundup for configuring the tool in the Olo Dashboard.

Rails Markup ID Form to log the name and alias of the fee to be used and send it to the Olo POS team.


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