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Brand Billing Settings

In the Dashboard, brand managers have the ability to view and manage the billing settings for every location under their restaurant channel. This feature is helpful when wanting to complete an audit of all billing accounts attached to each location and for bulk updating billing information for more than one location at a time. 

  • Log in to the Dashboard at

  • Click on the Billing tab on the left side of the screen and click Brand Billing Settings



Note: If you don't see the Brand Billing Settings options on your Dashboard, it's likely because it isn't activated for your account. In this case, contact your corporate team for more information.


  • In your Dashboard account, you will see a list of stores with the billing contact email, the last four digits of the account and routing number, as well as the option to select or deselect one, multiple, or all entries. 



  • Select the locations you'd like to update billing information and click Change Contact.
  • You'll be prompted to select an existing billing account to update the selected stores. Or, you can Create a New Contact which will prompt you to add new billing details for all of the selected locations. 
  • Click Confirm and the new or existing billing information will be applied to all selected locations. 

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