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How to enable Dine-In


This feature enables brands to allow a dine-in handoff mode. By enabling dine-in, brands can now leverage a dedicated handoff mode that identifies orders meant for in-store consumption.

The following functionality will be available to support online ordering for dine-in orders:

  • Dine-In Handoff Mode
  • Configurable by menu item
  • Loyalty reward earning & redemption
  • Custom fields triggered by dine-in handoff mode selection (i.e. Table Number)
    • If you would like to leverage custom fields, please submit a request with details of the field and the location(s) you'd want to update and we will be happy to enable them for you 
  • Cash, credit card, and gift card payment
  • Responsive Web (Serve), Mobile App, API, and Switchboard support
  • For stores using Order Throttling:

Any functionality not explicitly called out above is not supported at this time.

Required Tasks

  1. Configure Dine-In Handoff Mode channel and vendor settings (Completed by you and Olo)
  2. Set available Dine-In handoff mode hours
  3. Configure products’ available handoff modes in relation to dine in
  4. Create custom fields as needed (i.e. table number) (Completed by you and Olo)
  5. Configure brand-level and vendor-level Thank You messaging

1. Configure Dine-In Handoff Mode channel and vendor settings

To start, please ask Olo Support to enable the appropriate Channel Settings and Vendor Settings to begin using Dine In. Additionally, please loop in your CSM for visibility. For reference, our Support team will need to:

  • Enable Dine-In orders at the (Channel-level setting)
  • Specify supported time modes (Channel-level setting)
    • Immediate (ASAP), Scheduled, Manual Fire
      • Note: Please tell Support which time mode(s) you want to enable for Dine-In
  • Enable Dine-In orders for each participating location (Vendor-level setting)
  • Enable Dine-in options on the Dashboard (Vendor-level setting)

Note: If you have an Olo-built Mobile App, our team will need to create an app update for the latest version release, which can take up to 1-2 weeks to complete. Olo can begin adding Dine-In support starting on 10/30/20.


2. Set available Dine-In handoff mode hours

Each store is responsible for setting the available hours for the dine-in handoff mode (if applicable). Store Managers, or those that have access to configure ‘Store Settings’ in the Olo Dashboard, are responsible for configuring these settings.


Please click here to find more resources on how to configure store hours. 


3. Configure products’ available handoff modes in relation to dine-in

Menu Admin users must review their ‘Handoff Modes’ configurations for their products and determine which products are available in the Dine-In handoff mode.


Please click here to find more resources on how to set eligible handoff modes per Menu Product. If you want all items to be available for Dine-In, let our team know and we can bulk enable this for all menu items across all locations.


4. Create custom fields [optional]

Custom fields can be leveraged to capture the customer’s table number, number of guests, etc. during the ordering flow. Whenever the user selects “dine-in” as the handoff mode, the custom fields will appear in the ordering flow. Please note that custom fields are enabled and configured at the vendor-level. Custom fields are optional.

In order to enable custom fields, the following must be provided:

  1. Decide the customer-facing label of the custom field (max length of 128 characters)
  2. Is this field required? (Yes/No)

Once these decisions have been made, you can pass the information along to Olo Support for implementation. 

Below, is an example of how custom fields can be leveraged on Olo’s white-label web ordering experience:


5. Configure channel-level and vendor-level 'Thank You' messaging [optional]

'Thank You' messages can be used to provide the end consumer specialized instructions or dine in-specific messages. 'Thank You' messages are set at the Brand-level however, individual vendors can override the Brand-level message if they so choose. Brands and subsequent vendors that require custom 'Thank You' messages for Dine-In orders are able to configure these messages in the Dashboard.

Configuring Brand-level Thank You message [optional]


Click here to find more resources on how to configure the brand-level thank you message.

Configuring vendor-level 'Thank You' message [optional]


Click here to find more resources on how to configure the store-level thank you message.


Olo API Support

Brands and partners using Olo’s API that wish to use Dine In will need to update their integration to include 'dinein' as a deliverymode. Brands will need to set dine in as the delivery mode in the baskets/deliverymode API. Additional guidance can be found here


POS Support

The following list provides details on when Olo will support a dine-in handoff mode for our supported POS systems:


POS System Status


Brink Supported
MICROS Supported
OloCloud Supported




Additional POS systems are expected to be supported by Q1 2021. For more detailed information on a specific POS system, please contact your CSM.


Q: What new functionality is being added to support dine in?

A: A dine in handoff mode is being made available that will have the same functionality as any other handoff mode. Additionally, Dine In orders will not be subjected to throttling if a given time slot has reached its maximum capacity (applicable to stores using Order Throttling).


Q: How will we know where to bring the customer’s food when they order dine in?

A: Stores can leverage a custom field to capture table numbers, or some other identifier to know where the food needs to be brought in-store. Please refer to the custom fields section in this article to understand what needs to be done to implement custom fields. 


Q: How can we ensure that dine-in orders won’t be throttled?

A: As of 11/23/2020, Dine In orders will not be throttled if the given time slot has reached its maximum capacity.

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