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Google Food Ordering Onboarding

Olo has partnered with Google to enable a fast and easy way to order on Google Search, Maps, and Google Assistant driving more sales directly to your POS system for fulfillment.  Below outlines the onboarding steps necessary to integrate Google as a Network partner.

For additional information on Google, read our Network Overview article.
Additionally, check out our Five Guys case study to see how Google has impacted their businesses.

Onboarding Checklist

Google My Business

  • Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that allows you to promote your restaurant's on Google Search and Maps. Learn more here.

  • GMB is required for all locations that want to enable Google Food Ordering. Please ensure locations that plan to use Google have active GMB listings.


Point of Sale Configurations

  • Google Food Ordering requires POS configurations to send orders to each location. You will need these set up for external ordering providers (typically involving an Order Type or Tender ID) in your POS. Further detail can be provided by your POS Specialist. 
    • If you are currently using Rails, you likely have these set up already. Your POS Specialist will confirm this prior to Google onboarding and request additional configurations if necessary. 
    • If requested and supported by your POS, you may be able to separate Google orders from other providers via POS configurations. Your Specialist will be able to confirm what options you have available.
    • Payments on Google orders will close to the Tender ID you set up regardless of credit card type. Payments will be remitted directly using the eCommerce merchant account set up through Olo for that location, which can affect reporting for verifying payment amounts.
    • Your Specialist will be able to provide additional reporting and potential workarounds if necessary. Additional information related to payments is discussed in the next section.

  • POS Configurations for Google Dispatch: 
    • Dispatch orders can be placed through the Google ordering system, which may require adjustments to existing POS Configurations. Your Specialist can walk you through the available options for your POS as to how Dispatch orders can be sent down via Google.


  • Orders originating from Google will be processed using Google Pay on the consumer side; however, payments will use the eCommerce merchant account set up in Olo for that location. 
    • Olo will enable the Google Pay billing scheme for all eligible locations on Google Food Ordering during the onboarding process.
    • The payments will take place using the merchant account ID (MID) set up in the store and will be deposited into the bank account associated with that store like all other Olo orders paid via credit card on branded channel sites/apps. 
    • If MIDs are missing from any stores, Olo will collect that information during onboarding. This must be collected prior to any location going live on Google Food Ordering.
    • All of the Olo-supported credit card processors can be used for Google Food Ordering except for the deprecated Worldpay platform. Your Google Specialist will confirm should any additional action be necessary.
    • The brand is the merchant of record for Google Food Ordering. Chargebacks will therefore be handled by the brand, just as orders on Olo.


Launch Process


  • Brand: In order to kickoff the project, the brand must complete the questionnaire & provide the Specialist with any necessary POS configuration information. 
  • Olo: Your Specialist will set everything up in the system and run internal testing to ensure all appears correct in Google’s system. This takes approximately 1 week from the completion of the questionnaire. Olo will then send live testing instructions to the brand. 
  • Brand: Run live testing using the testing guide below. Confirm with Olo once testing is complete. Olo will check the system to ensure the orders appear correct on our end. 
  • Launch: Together the brand and Olo can determine which locations should go live and in what cadence. Google does not allow launches on Fridays. It’s a slow ramp where the first day only 10% of customers can see the “order” button. The following day, it slowly ramps up to 100%. This is to ensure we can catch any potential issues if applicable. 


Questionnaire FAQs

In order to begin onboarding, brands must complete this questionnaire.

Why do you need to sign up for Google Pay (GPAY)? 

  • Technically, the Google Pay signup is needed to keep track of all brands using Google pay. This doesn't impact existing payment systems or processing that happens. The sign up is purely for tracking purposes. Google recommends that the signup is done once per the holding company. The franchisees do not need to sign up for Gpay as well. 
  • Through Google Food Ordering, Google Pay is used to facilitate the payments. The Google Pay sign-up is needed to authorize Google Pay to collect customer payment and use the customer's Google user account and card information as a payment method for your online ordering service.

What is the Privacy Policy and why is it needed?

  • The Privacy Policy outlines customer’s rights to privacy and collecting their data from online ordering providers. It is usually linked in the bottom row of a brand’s main site. Google needs this information if customers reach out about the data collected when they placed their order. The brand’s Privacy Policy will be linked in the ordering flow and the user will be agreeing to these terms as a part of the ordering experience

How can brands get access to the customers’ who opted in for marketing? 

  • The brand can subscribe to a webhook that will send details whenever someone opts into marketing. Speak to your Specialist for more information.

Can I share multiple emails in order to allow multiple people to place test orders?

  • Yes, either include multiple emails in the questionnaire or send an email to your Google Specialist in order to have additional emails whitelisted for testing.

Can answers be edited after the questionnaire is completed?

  • Yes, most questions can be updated by your Google Specialist or the Google Food Support team. You can additionally get access to the Google Console, which will give you the ability to make changes directly. 

Live Testing Instructions

Note: The person testing will need to provide your Specialist with a gmail address that can be used for testing.

  • Click on the Opt-In link emailed to you by your Google Specialist. Select Alpha and click Submit to be approved for Alpha Testing.


  • Go back to your email and select the “Testing Link” shared by your Google Specialist. This is where you can access the ordering page. 
    • NOTE: You must be logged in with this email to see the “order” button in GMB. 
    • If you cannot access the test link try these steps to resolve the issue
      • First, try using an incognito window. 
      • Ensure that you are logged into the gmail account you provided to your specialist. 
      • If you are still having issues, reach out to your Google Specialist and include a screenshot of the error you are seeing.

  • Search for your desired test location in the search bar. Scroll down to the select listing.



  • Make sure to select pickup and your store location, instead of a 3rd party ordering option. 
    • NOTE: If there are multiple 3rd party ordering options on your Google Listing, make sure to select “PICKUP” and “RESTAURANT NAME” not “Postmate


  • Add items to your cart, and place the order. 


      • NOTE: These are still real orders that will be sent to the store in order for the brand to be able to test how the order appears in their POS and KDSs. We suggest calling the customer TEST ORDER: DO NOT MAKE or alerting the store of incoming test orders.

  • Confirm that the following details flow correctly to the restaurant: 
    • Correct order shows, including all ordered items and modifiers
    • Payment is received correctly
    • Order closes to desired Order Type (Destination) and Tender Type
    • Order prints correctly
    • Orders appear on KDS accordingly 
  • Notify your Specialist once you have completed your live testing. Olo will confirm test orders appear correctly in our system. If there are errors with test orders, Olo will troubleshoot with your IT team and Google until test orders are successfully placed.

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