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Brink POS: Custom Fees for Olo


Technical Teams, Customer Success Specialists, Brand's POS programmer


Description of Task

Set up Olo Custom Fees and allow them to enter Brink POS. Brands use Custom Fees for different reasons. Commonly, they are used for packaging fees or takeout fees. For an in depth view of Custom fees and how they are set up in Olo, see this article. When creating a Custom Fee, a POS Reference is required, which is an ID that comes from Brink.



Set up a new open$ item in Brink to carry the fee amount.

Steps to Implement:

  1. Create a new Item in Brink and give it a suitable name. 
  2. Make the Item non-revenue if desired, or leave it as a revenue item. The fee will work either way. It's a bookkeeping choice for the Brand.
  3. Flag the Item to Ask Price; leave the price at 0.00.
  4. You may assign a Tax to the Item or not. The Tax in Brink will always be applied to the Item. Taxing the fee will be based on what it is used for and the rules of the local jurisdiction. There is a tax setting in Olo for the Custom Fee, but that is just an estimated tax to display while ordering. When the guest checks out, the Tax from Brink will be applied just as it is for any Menu Item.
  5. When creating the Olo Custom Fee, you can use either the amount or percentage method. Olo resolves the per cent applied to a dollar amount before sending it to the POS.
  6. Use the Item's ID as the POS Reference when configuring the Olo Custom Fee.



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