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Front End Style Guides: Serve (responsive web) & App

Please reference our two style guides for information about our responsive web platform, Serve & Olo app designs for your brand. 

Included in the two web & app style guides  you will find the formatting requirements for all Olo Front End platform related images, fonts, colors, sizing, dimensions, layouts, and more.

Note: The app style guide is only intended for brands who are using an Olo-built app. This does not include the requirements for a third-party built app, such as a loyalty provider or agency.


At Olo, ongoing changes have been made to our mobile web platform, that are the foundation for our Serve responsive site design. Once your brand makes the transition over to Serve, your guests will use one online ordering site regardless of the device they are on. The new Serve web style guide reflects the assets required for our responsive platform.

For any further help please submit a ticket with your question(s) or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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