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Toast: Memo Item


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This article is meant to provide details and a resolution for Special Instructions(Custom Fields for Curbside Orders) and/or Marketplace Support information printing out of order on a check. 


By default, Olo sends Car Details, Custom Fields and Marketplace Support information as Special Instructions on a "null" item in Toast, which Toast is not able to interpret properly, so the details may end up printing in the middle of the check among regular menu items.

To resolve this, Olo can use a Menu Item in Toast as a "memo" item, which will let the brand control how/where these details get printed. 

Here is an article on how to add a Menu Item in Toast. Be sure to NOT give the item a price, and that the item exist in a Menu that is NOT "Open Items". Example, "Miscellaneous" or "Bags/Fees". The usual practice is to call the item something generic like "Notes":

Once you have created the Menu Item, reach out to to get the Memo item. 

Note: The Rails Memo item and Custom Fields (for Car Details) configuration settings are separate, so they will need to be set separately.

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