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Rails Onboarding FAQ

Brand Operators, Technical Teams, Deployment Managers, Customer Service Managers
This article is iterative and lists the most common FAQs we get from brands about onboarding new and/or existing stores to Rails online ordering and the various marketplaces supported.
 1.  What are the prerequisites for onboarding?
  • As a prerequisite to onboarding, all brands must have a signed marketplace agreement and separate Olo Rails agreement. 
  • Complete menu and connect POS setup on the Olo platform.
 2. Brand has completed the kickoff call with Olo Technical Specialist what are the next steps?
  • Introduce your Rails Specialists to your marketplace Account Manager.
  • Clean up menu mismatches.
  • Review Price markup tool and determine usage.
3. Where do I submit my POS Configurations for Olo?
  • Your Rails Specialist can assist you with submitting the forms. 
4. Where can I find the name of my lab/demo vendor?
  • This may be a vendor that you have created for various testing purposes, and if you have multiple labs or demo vendors, pick the one that will be best suited for your testing needs.
5. How does the testing lab/demo menu get ingested?
  • Brand connects POS lab to demo vendor. 
  • Using the self service Rails access tool, you can provide the marketplace with access to your lab 
  • Brand managers are able to edit marketplace access Help Center Article
  • The menu data is then “ingested” by the marketplace.
6. What is the testing process for the lab/demo vendor?
  • Marketplace provides QA sites to brands for testing. This will be a url to your test site hosted on their marketplace. They will also provide login credentials and testing criteria.
  • Brand places test orders to validate menu behavior (product images, default options, min/max modifier selections, etc.) and POS firing. 
  • Marketplace responds to brand feedback and updates the menu accordingly.
7. How do I fix menu mismatches?
8. What is the deployment process to “go live”?
  • Brand confirms successful testing and approves full API access. 
  • Brand managers are able to edit marketplace access Help Center Article
  • Marketplace coordinates directly with the brand on a launch schedule and enables stores on Rails accordingly. 
9. What if I need support from Olo during the onboarding process?
  • Please contact your assigned Rails Technical Specialist that held your kickoff call.  
10. Where does pricing on Rails orders originate?
  • Pricing for orders comes from your Olo menu which is populated from the pricing at the POS.
  • Olo passes on this pricing to partners in the MES files which may or may not be inflated if the price markup tool is in use Help Center Article 
11. Can I “mark-up”/inflate my product menu prices on Rails? 
  • Yes, you can!
  • There are 3 methods that Olo can use to assist the marketplaces in collecting inflated prices for products offered on a marketplace, depending on your POS. This form will guide you in determining which is right for you and the POS that you use. Please complete and review each section here  to determine which is right for you. 
  • You must also have the Dashboard Permission ‘Rails Settings’ to use the markup tool. Please contact your Olo specialist to grant access. 
12. How can I differentiate which orders are created for each marketplace?
  • All Rails orders can be sent through with an order mode to separate them from other Olo orders. If desired, we can set up a unique order mode for each marketplace that you are planning on working with.Once the order mode(s) are created, please let us know the IDs and we will configure. This will help differentiate at the POS. 
  • Within the Olo Dashboard you can see the origin of the order by focusing on the external ordering provider details.
13. Where does the tax rate originate? 
  • If you are POS integrated, the tax rate inputted in the Olo Dashboard will be used while customers are building their cart(s) to show them an estimated tax rate. Once a customer goes to the checkout page, however, the final total and tax will be pulled directly from the store POS system. 
  • If you have determined that a marketplace facilitator law is applicable to you, the requirement to remit taxes thereby falls entirely on the marketplace partner, our recommended best practice is to set your POS order type/destination to non-taxable. This option is currently available for certain POS systems, so please submit a Help Center ticket to see if your POS has this feature or for help configuring it. 
14. After a vendor is live how can I manage which marketplaces are accessible? 
  • If you choose to turn on access for selected stores, the External Ordering Providers will be able to access store information and begin sending orders down to the POS. Please contact your Olo Specialist to grant or remove access.
15. Can I partner with multiple marketplaces?
  • You can partner with as many marketplaces that are available by vendor location. We recommend starting the onboarding process with one marketplace and then proceeding testing and launching any marketplaces you have a contract with and are Olo partners. List of partners on our Help Center.

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