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Revel POS : Variable Discount for Olo Coupons


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The Revel POS System needs to process discounts of variable amounts in order to accept the amounts that Olo will send after processing an Olo coupon. This document outlines the Discount configuration in Revel.


Configure a variable Discount in Revel with a an identifying barcode.

Implementation Steps

The discount needs to be configured as follows. If there is a setting not listed here, leave it at its default value.

Discount Function  Standard
Discount Type Amount
Variable Discount True
Discount Amount 0
Discount at Item Level False 
Barcode Any numeric series
Discount Code True
Active  True
Password Required False
Auto Apply False
Qualification Type Order
Qualification Subtype Leave at its default -----

It is important to understand that all calculations for %, BOGO, $ off etc are done in Olo. They resolve to an amount which is then sent to Revel. So the Revel discount cannot be set to do any calculation on it's own. It is set to be an amout, $0, and variable so it will accept the amount sent from Olo.

Being a variable discount, one discount will suffice for all coupons of whatever type. However, you can create more discounts in Revel if you desire to track different coupons separately.

The barcode that is assigned to the discount is entered as the POS Reference in the Olo Coupon setup.


More information on setting up Olo coupons in these articles and webinar.

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