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Managing Dispatch orders via Expo

If you need a refresher: Expo is a browser-based software solution that helps your in-store teams manage all front and back of house operations without having to leave the counter. Expo is also useful in helping users at store level manage their Dispatch order flow effectively.

Below is a screenshot of the Expo home screen that gives you an overview of all current orders. The areas with red boxes show:

  • Order Handoff Mode Description
  • Timestamps on order status
  • Delivery Details, including Driver Name and Phone Number, Delivery Address, Olo Order ID, and Third-Party Delivery ID (use this ID when interacting with DSPs so they can look up the order on their end)



Location Eligibility & Authorized Users - Requesting New Delivery  

Before a location can request a new delivery from Expo, two important steps must first occur in Dashboard: 

1. Brand Manager in Dashboard must first select all locations that should be eligible to make the request 

  • Locations can be marked eligible by selecting Expo to the right > Brand Settings
  • In the Dispatch Settings section, select Screen_Shot_2021-01-19_at_8.12.38_AM.png

Only stores selected here will see the option to request a new delivery from Expo. 


2. Dashboard manager at the store level must make an Expo user who has the permission to request new deliveries.


Within each Dispatch order at eligible locations,  you can click Actions and then Request a New Delivery if needed or click on Request New Delivery in the Order Details (screenshot + video walkthrough below).




Notifications & Cancellations

Notification badges are as follows:

  • Delivery Early: Displays if a driver is scheduled to be 7 + mins early.
  • Delivery Late: Displays if a driver is scheduled to be 7 + mins late.
  • Delivery Cancelled: Displays as soon as the driver cancels (see the screenshot below):


On cancellations, Expo will notify you in the following order:

  • Delivery Cancelled badge
  • “This delivery has been canceled...” in red at the top of the order
  • 'Canceled' icon with the time stamp in the Delivery Details (see screenshot below)


  • A pop-up notification will also appear with details and actionable next steps 



Finally, if there is no interaction at the store on Expo for two minutes after a cancellation has occurred the screen will flash red with a 'Delivery Canceled' message. Users at the store level must interact with Expo to clear it. 

More features and functionality will be coming to Expo later in 2020, including the ability to submit Dispatch support tickets thru Expo.

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